She said yes! Our engagement story

So in case you haven’t already heard, my beautiful girlfriend and I are now engaged! I wanted to just give a quick blog post and explain the engagement story of how I asked her to become my fiancée.

Since we are both really big nerds and love all sorts of nerdy things, what better way to ask her than to make a mobile app. I created a quiz app, and named it TGS (The Golden Snitch). The app has a series of questions about Harry Potter, then moves to some harder questions of JavaScript, then ends with a couple questions about us. Upon successful completion of the quiz, there is a slideshow gallery with pictures from our adventures together and instructed her to open the box that was on her desk.

You can view the app here:

The box on her desk was wrapped in a page from the Harry Potter books. Inside it contained a Steampunk-esque Golden Snitch necklace. She was already very surprised and all smiles at the fact that I made her an app and gave her a piece of jewelry. She had no idea what was inside. Upon further examination of the Snitch, she realized it was a locket and opened up. Once open, it reads, “Will you, Marry me?” I got down on one knee and presented to her a custom made white gold black diamond lotus flower ring. With tears of joy she ecstatically said yes! What an amazing moment it was.

Now onto the pictures!